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Anti-war forces converge in Pittsburgh
The [article]largest anti-war event in Pittsburgh in at least ten years is planned for this weekend, January 24-26.

The Pittsburgh Organizing Group, along with the Thomas Merton Center, has organized a weekend of permitted marches and direct action in opposition to a possible war in Iraq.

Calls to action for the weekend have gone out for a [article]Pink Bloc, a [article]Disobedients Bloc, a [article]Anarchist Bloc, a [article]Steelers Bloc and [article] street medics.

Preparations in Pittsburgh have included [photo]puppet building for the [article]permitted march Saturday and [article] legal training, along with direct action training.

The Pink Bloc, raising queer awareness, has planned at least [article]two actions for the weekend.

War opponents will be travelling from far away to attend the events in Pittsburgh. Support has been expressed by activists from Richmond, VA, who have been taking part in [article]local and global displays of resistance.

[article]Local police have expressed that they are expecting peaceful protests but are preparing for disobedience at important sites such as the Software Engineering Institute, a major recipient of military contracts.

A [article]rideboard has been set up by CEASE! for those coming from out of town. Pittsburgh Indymedia will be providing coverage of the convergence all weekend long. Check out [article] video coverage of pre-convergence activities.

Visiting IMCers and other mediamakers should be sure to check out the Pittsburgh IMC's [pdf]media guide for information about Pittsburgh and media resources over the weekend.
Update: look inside the Indymedia Newsroom via our Indycam.

Front Page Features:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives