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J25: Breaking News from the Convergence
1:16pm -- over 100 reported to be a St. Regis convergence center. Likely many others at COR convergence center. FnB meal will likely be held at 3pm at Station Square.
current temp. 18 F wind chill: 6F little chance of snow saturday
3:00pm -- Parade for peace underway -- The Parade for Peace left station square at approximately 3.00pm. Reports estimate the number of participants to range from 500 to 700 people. The police have been setting up roving blockades following the protesters along the parade route. It has also been reported that the police are being quite spiffy.
3:41pm -- 18th and carson -- The parade has made it to 18th st. and Carson. The police have access to the street blocked. The Steelers bloc is out in force and are chanting "Drop balls not bombs" and "What Would Jerome Bettis Do?".
3:57pm -- Crossing 23rd street -- Reports are coming in that the parade for peace is 4 blocks long taking up the full breadth of the street. A diverse group of people has turned out: Steelers fans, anarchists, peace mongers, and parents with their children in strollers are marching together to protest the United States aggression toward Iraq. Police have a car in the middle of the street protecting the corporate media while they get footage. In the true spirit of free speech, the parade is being followed counter-protestors holding signs with the words “Kill Me” (while wearing a makeshift turban). The parade was temporarily stopped by police at 23rd street. Nathan Shaffer from POG presented the permits to the officers and the parade was allowed to continue. (though the permit had the parade ending at the Birmingham bridge)
4:14pm -- Impressive numbers have turned out. -- Matt Toups spoke with the mounted police who estimate the current number of protestors to be about 2500. The number has grown significantly as people have joined the march moving through the south side. Matt also spoke with Merton Center representatives and was informed that people can proceed to 33rd street where Port Authority busses are waiting. "Busses not bombs" quoth Tim Vining.

Read more parade coverage from PGH IMC reporter Emma Rehm.

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Front Page Features:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives