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PA Legislature adjourns, tells public transit riders to go to hell
Last week the Pennsylvania General Assembly adjourned without passing any legislation necessary to save the public transit crisis statewide. As a consequence, the Port Authority transit agency in Pittsburgh might cut weekend and nighttime service, shut down 70 routes, layoff 500 employees, and also raise the base fare to $2.50. The Port Authority board will next meet on Thursday, December 16 to decide on whether to implement those proposed cuts.

Following the state legislators action, 50 public transit riders gathered at the City-County Building downtown for a rally on Wednesday, November 24th. Many members of Save Our Transit said that since their attempts at a "civics text-book campaign" for public transit fell on deaf ears, they would have to open the "direct action" book. Unions representing workers dependent upon the busses, as well as unions representing bus drivers rallied with Save Our Transit.

If the state and the Port Authority are not able to restore public transit services in time for next year, furious transit riders have committed to waging a new campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience. Save Our Transit has urged the Port Authority to refuse any cuts in services, and instead run at its current level until it is out of money as a protest of the State's lack of action. Cuts may occur as early as January.

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Front Page Features:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives