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M20 Breaking News
Protests spread across the city today as Pittsburgh reacts to the start of an American war on Iraq.

7:00 AM: Anti-war statements on the Carnegie Mellon campus. A banner was dropped from the roof of Carnegie Mellon University's University Center [ [Photo] | 1 ], while Wean Hall has also taken a stance against war. [Photo] | 1 ]

9:00 AM Banner has been taken down.

10:00 AM: Student Strike begins.

12:00 PMPrayer Vigil at Federal Building beginning

3.25 PM Rowdy Student Brigade march completed, one person arrested.

3:45 PM: The Post-Gazette reports that the Federal Building has closed early in anticipation of the protests, and police are already assembled.

5:00 PM: The rally is set to begin at the Federal Building and is the part of the top story on corporate TV news war coverage. Hundreds are gathering at Grant and Liberty on the sidewalk and many police in full riot gear are near the Federal Building.

5:22 PM: The march has begun downtown on Grant Street. Hundreds are blocking the streets -- corporate TV is covering the march live from helicopters.

5:35 PM: The march has passed Liberty Ave. and Sixth street, police are at each intersection and ACLU observers are on the sidewalks. That march is moving quickly and reports say the march has reached Ft. Duquesne Blvd.

5:53: The march is at a halt at Blvd of the Allies and Grant Street, a drum circle is formed.

6:10 PM: The march was blocked under an underpass by police, protesters are turning around.

6:15 PM: The march heads back toward downtown. Numbers are still estimated by police at 400-500..

6:22 PM: The march is turning onto Smithfield, approaching Seventh Avenue.

6:35 PM: The march is headed for the South Side, via the Smithfield Street Bridge. Police have mentioned arrests, but none have been known to have happened yet.

6:50 PM: The march is on the South Side. Police are moving in to make arrests. There was an incident earlier on Smithfield Street in which a car bumped some protestors and others kicked the car and tore up its license plate. The sheriff's department is now on the South SIde, and arrests are being made. Paddy wagons have arrived.

6:56 PM: On Carson Street, protestors are being arrested. Anyone who does not move onto the sidewalks are being arrested, as are organizers.

7:07 PM: On Carson Street, protest is dispersing. There are still a couple hundred people and police are making arrests.

7:15 PM: Heading back across the Smithfield Street Bridge are about 50 protestors. Police had threatened to block off the bridge and make a mass arrest but don't seem to be doing so.

7:30: While about 150 people continue to march downtown, at least four arrests of organizers from POG and the Thomas Merton Center are being made.

7:35 PM: Police in riot gear have boxed in protestors downtown on Seventh Avenue at William Penn Place. Mass arrests taking place, including ACLU volunteers. At least 20 have been arrested.

7:45 PM: Arrests still being made. Protestors are being cuffed to one another. Onlookers are being threatened with arrest. Estimates are at 35 arrested.

7.57 PM: Three Port Authority buses just pulled out, full of arrested demonstrators, and are heading for the Municipal Courthouse (correction: this used to say allegheny courthouse.)

9:05 PM: The IMC has learned that arrestees are being arraigned at the courthouse. Supporters are encouraged to head there to give moral support. Some will be giving food and rides home to those arrestees who need them.

1:00 AM: Supporters will be camped out in the Alexander Berkman Solidarity Camp outside the Municipal Courts Building (at 660 First Ave) until all the arrestees are let out. Juveniles are being set free with their parents tonight, and adults will be arraigned tomorrow, starting in the morning and carrying on all day most likely. All are encouraged to come show their support. Also, anyone who was arrested or witnessed police brutality or the specific targetting of "leaders" should get in contact with the Thomas Merton Center with regard to legal matters.

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