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Breaking news downtown M21
4:30pm: Rally begins at federal building. Activists on bikes have been in the streets downtown.

5:30pm : 100+ people from the fed. bldg rally have marched back to the Municipal Court Building and met up with the Alexander Berkman Jail Solidarity camp which has been going strong since last night. Protestors are drumming and chanting in support of the arrestees. come down and support! 660 first ave, municipal courts by the new allegheny county jail.

5:44pm: 150-200 are rallying outside of the municipal court building as many many arrestees from last night are still being held. etta and pete have spoken to the crowd, others are speaking. there is a call out for more people join them on first ave!

5:48pm: reports are coming in that there is a second march coming down east carson street and across the smithfield street bridge. presumably it will meet up at the Municipal court also.

6:15pm: the rally is settling down quietly, while a large group is heading back down grant street. a legal update has come in and arraignments should begin again soon (100 or so are STILL being held). the jail solidarity camp is still going and will appreciate support tonight.

10:45pm: word is that 60 people or so have been released with bail set at $125. many more are still in custody and the solidarity camp is going strong. there is talk that at 11:15 or so people will be able to post bail in a large group so that may be a good time for people to be there with rides and food -- though it seems that even after posting bail it takes a long time for people to be processed, so we expect to be out there well into the early morning hours. stay strong!

M22 1:10am : one female arrestee has suffered a broken nose; police have announced that she (and the arrested female ACLU legal observer) will be the last to be released (presumably because these represent the worst cases of police misconduct). none have been released in the past few hours, the solidarity camp is continuing into the night and trying to stay warm -- we are expecting releases soon.

2:30am : the last arrestees are finally being released now; reports of extreme police brutality in the prison are starting to come out at as well. Some people are being released ROR, but the Merton Center has posted bail on behalf of some. Arresstees' possesions have been confiscated and reportedly taken to a police station on the north side, say reports. Offers of food, rides, and solidarity to the arrestees are still welcome -- the release is still progressing slowly but surely. It appears many court dates have been set for next week.

Front Page Features:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives