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In leadup to G8 Conference, Indymedia server in the UK seized
On Monday, June 27th, Indymedia Bristol's server was seized by the police. An Indymedia volunter was also arrested during the raid. Last week, police demanded access to the server to gain the IP details of a posting. The alternative media outlet is receiving advice from civil liberties organisations and the National Union of Journalists. Before being legally forced to hand over the server, Indymedia Bristol stated: "We do not intend to voluntarily hand over information to the police as they have requested". A further statement from Bristol Indymedia volunteers is expected soon.

This is the second time that law enforcement authorities have attacked Indymedia servers in the UK in the run up to a major event. Last October, just prior to the European Social Forum, Indymedia servers in London were seized in an international law enforcement operation - prompting a wave of protests and solidarity statements from a wide range of organisations [report]. This time, events are unfolding one week before the G8 Summit begins in Scotland.

Commenting on the heavy-handed approach of the Bristol police, who previously threatened that they 'may arrest somebody for obstructing the course of justice', an Imc Uk volunteer said: "It's like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut". An Imc technical volunteer added: "I do not believe that there is any useful information that the police could gain from the server seizure."

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Front Page Features:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives