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Rustbelt Radio for August 8, 2005
55 minutes: mp3 and ogg vorbis formats available.

On this week's show:
  • We will speak to Grady McFarlane, a former employee of the Lemington Center about the recent closure and the history of the Center
  • We hear from members of the local group Food Not Bombs, who have been serving free vegetarian food to Pittsburgh's homeless for over 10 years
  • the City of Pittsburgh is considering a new law to crack down on panhandling -- we'll hear from local homeless about their view of the law
  • this past Saturday young and old gathered in Oakland to march and rally against military recruiters, shutting down the Forbes Ave. Army recruiting center for the day. And later in the afternoon a crowd assembled in front of the Software Engineering Institute to mark the 60th anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons on Japanese civilians.
  • and over the weekend a jazz concert was held in East Liberty to raise money for a documentary to be released on the 10th Anniversary of the Johnny Gammage killing by Pittsburgh Police -- Rustbelt Radio spoke to people there about the case and about police violence today.
Plus headlines from the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center.

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Rustbelt Radio:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives