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Quiet Resistance as Body Count Grows
After a week of intense anti-war actions and civil disobedience that left more than 120 protestors in Pittsburgh arrested, and a weekend that saw several Iraqi civillians and American and Iraqi troops killed, smaller scale and quieter anti-war actions are planned for the next days.

A group of Oil Zombies plan to spread a message about the connection between our reliance on oil and war at area gas stations through street theater and leafletting [ 1 2 ], while a local activist suggests "busking for peace" downtown over the next several weeks [ 1 ].

Many plan to continue to wear armbands as visual symbols of their opposition to the war. [ 1 ]

Meanwhile, weekly vigils for peace in several locations across the city will continue. [ 1 ]

Larger marches are still in the works; for this Sunday, the Pittsburgh Organizing Group has planned a picnic in Frick Park, to be followed by an unpermitted march. And the some community members have proposed a silent unity march next Thursday that will either be permitted or remain on the sidewalk. Plans are still under discussion.
Update 4/1/2003: Thursday, April 3 @ 5:30 PM: permitted march for victims of Iraq war. "Wear a symbol of your grief --- no signs" Meet at Fifth and Bellefield, Oakland.

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Front Page Features:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives