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The Best of Rustbelt Radio, Winter 2006 (March 13, 2006)
This week's show falls during WRCT's random schedule, so we will be presenting highlights of Rustbelt Radio stories from the last few months, including:
  • a remix of Rustbelt Radio's sound collage from the post-super bowl riots
  • our own Andalusia Knoll reports from South America at the inauguration of the first indigenous president of Bolivia
  • the ACLU has uncovered government spying on local peace groups, we'll hear from their legal director and responses from some of those groups
  • we'll hear from State Representative Jake Wheatley Jr. about how the war is affecting his constituents in the Hill district
  • Coca-Cola is behind human rights violations in Colombia - we'll hear from local lawyer Dan Kovalik of the USWA who is representing workers there
  • plus more on Rick Santorum, the US economy, CAFTA, and UPMC's plans for parking lots in the uptown neighborhood
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Rustbelt Radio:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives