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Residents say No Casino on the Hill!
Slots Casinos became legal when the Pennsylvania General Assembly approved gaming in the state, and created the Gaming Control Board in 2004. The Gaming Control Board will allocate licenses for 14 slots casinos, two which will be located in Philadelphia and one in Pittsburgh. Three applicants are vying for the single license for the Pittsburgh casino.  Two of the proposals are slotted for commercial areas- Station Square and the North Shore.  The Isle of Capri proposal put forth by Pittsburgh First is the only one slated to be developed in a residential neighborhood- the Hill District.  In December of  2006 the Pittsburgh Gaming Task Force will grant a license to one of the three casino firms.

Casino advocates are promising economic development, job opportunities, and community reinvestment. However, many Hill District residents who have a long history with bad urban development aren't buying it.  Activists, Ministers, community leaders, artists and residents have all joined together in opposition of Pittsburgh First's proposal for a slots casino in the Hill District.

Pittsburgh Indymedia's Andalusia Knoll has been covering the story and has produced two radio features for Rustbelt Radio and an article titled No Casinos on the Hill.

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[ Listen to the Rustbelt Radio documentary: No Casinos on the Hill (27:14 mp3) | November 6 update:   Raise your Hand rally (11:08 mp3) ]

[ For more info on casino developments in Pennsylvania, see Casinos in Philadelphia, Philly IMC's resource site ]

Front Page Features:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives