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The Best of Rustbelt Radio for Fall 2006
This week, we will be presenting highlights of Rustbelt Radio stories from the Fall of 2006 including...
  • A Proposed Casino for the Hill District faces opposition
  • the legal struggle over Hazleton, Pennsylvania's trendsetting anti-immigrant legislation
  • Veterans of the war in Iraq visit Pittsburgh on the Uprise Counter Recruitment Tour
  • Anti-affirmative action backlash and voter fraud shape Michigan's election results
  • and more headlines from recent shows
But before we begin, during our best-of show we always remind our listeners that our program is produced entirely by volunteers and we depend upon donations of equipment and funds to continue. If you can support us with recording equipment, computers, or funds for these supplies, please call 412-923-3000, or email us at, or donate on our website,

You can also help with Rustbelt Radio and other independent media projects by getting involved with the Independent Media Center! We are organizing a workspace for media making at our office on Penn Avenue, where we'll be leading workshops for volunteers to learn how to make radio, TV, and online news! Also, we will be offering internships with Rustbelt Radio starting in January of 2007.  Please get in touch and get involved!

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Rustbelt Radio:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives