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Pittsburgh Protests Occupation of Iraq

A24 March Cut Short by Arrest

A march against the occupation of Iraq was cut short this afternoon after an arrest was made at Fifth and Bellefield, about 20 minutes in to the 150 person-strong march.

The Pittsburgh Organizing Group-sponsored picnic, rally, and march against the occupation of Iraq brought out a crowd that had grown to an estimated 200 by the time of the march.

Following a rally at Schenley Park's Flagstaff Hill, protestors cut through the Carnegie Mellon University campus, and then marched down Morewood Avenue in Oakland. Marchers chanted antiwar slogans, and Pittsburgh Police drove alongside and behind marchers on Morewood. Marchers turned onto Fifth Avenue toward downtown. Marchers who were in the street on Fifth Avenue were asked by police to move to the sidewalk at the intersection of Craig and Fifth.

Protestors cooperated and continued on the sidewalk until Fifth and Bellefield, where marchers dispersed following an arrest. [ [Article]Details ] The protestor who was arrested is apparently accused of picking up a piece of litter with the intent to throw it at a police car. No witnesses so-far report seeing anything thrown at a police car or any gestures to do so made.

This was the first major anti-war gathering in Pittsburgh since last spring. On March 20th, 122 protestors were arrested during a march through downtown Pittsburgh.

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