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Pittsburgh to Join WTO Protests in Cancún and Around the World
From September 10-15, the WTO is meeting in Cancún, Mexico, and the agenda encompasses everything from foreign investment and patent rights to trade barriers. Thousands of protesters are on hand to greet the delegates and local WTO actions are planned in solidarity with the Cancún protests. In what some already refer to a second Seattle, as protests might reinforce opposition in the inside, numerous actions and gatherings will take place in Cancun and Mexico, as well as around the world, such as in Australia, the US, Mesoamerica, Africa, South-America, Asia and Europe.

In Pittsburgh two events are planned. On Friday, September 12, a public forum on the WTO and corporate globalization will be held at David Lawrence Hall at 7:00pm. On Saturday, September 13, a concert and rally will be held at Carlow College's St. Agnes Church (5th Ave between Craft and Robinson) at 1:00pm. The rally will then be followed by a creative "tour of greed" through Oakland.

Update: 9/11, From Cancun IMC: A Korean farmer took his own life in protest against the policies of the WTO and at least eight other protestors were seriously injured by police during the first massive march against the Fifth Ministerial of the WTO.
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Front Page Features:   archives by date | single feature archives | weekly archives