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Dennis Kucinich Visits Pittsburgh
by Adam Corwin Tuesday, Apr. 27, 2004 at 9:34 AM

A brief overview of Dennis Kucinich's Pittsburgh Tour

In an effort to bring attention to the upcoming primary elections in the State of Pennsylvania, dark horse Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, spent Sunday in the Pittsburgh area. As a self proclaimed “Green Democrat,” Kucinich’s platform differs immensely from his peers actively involved in the Presidential race. Kucinich believes in universal single player health care for all (eliminating insurance company profit and waste), U.S. withdraw from NAFTA/WTO (to protect working people and the environment), free education from Pre-K-College, and rebuilding our nation’s priorities by first bringing back our troops from Iraq so we can work on our domestic infrastructure.

With a platform that makes so much sense, his seemingly impossible dream of securing the head of state is disheartening to many Americans that have become jaded by the blurred and obscured line between Democrats and Republicans. Kucinich’s pulse on the American proletariat understands this concept well; he sees his position as a State Representative and Presidential Candidate as a small ripple to a new direction for Democrats. Rather than merely assimilating murmurs of radicalism as the Democrats have done throughout American history, Kucinich seeks to remove corporate sponsorship from politics to level the playing field and make office holders responsible to common voters and not solely individuals of wealth.

Kucinich’s brief tour culminated at the Iron City Brewery to a large audience; however, he made time to stop by an event that almost didn’t occur. In a vision by local organizer, Dat Nguyen, local musicians were sought to accompany speakers and the politically minded to raise voting awareness in Pittsburgh. The event was set to occur at Duquesne University at noon on Sunday. For undisclosed reasons, the local college decided to not allow the event to occur on their campus. The event with no location was eventually picked up by the local Kiva Han coffee shop in Oakland. Despite the set backs, the small meeting space at the Kiva Han pinnacled to capacity by the time Kucinich took the microphone. The musical portion was supplied by local radicals, Despite Best Intentions and some local favorites from Nick’s Fat City, the trio known as Rocketstar.

Opening with a brief but fiery oratory that reiterated the State of the Union according to Kucinich’s new vision for the Democrat Party, the Presidential candidate was met with thunderous applause and agreement by the audience at the Kiva Han. Kucinich took the time to publicly address questions and concerns of the people that showed up to voice their support. When the question and answer segment was over, the candidate lingered to meet the people of Pittsburgh on a more intimate level before leaving for the larger event at the Iron City Brewery.

In an age of widespread disapproval for the blatantly deceptive and flawed Bush regime, some individuals were concerned the casting a vote in the primaries for Dennis Kucinich would be detrimental to Kerry’s campaign. To allay their fears of another four years of Bush, flyers were distributed to explain that a vote for Kucinich in Pennsylvania’s primaries would not affect Kerry in the general election at this point in time. Kucinich represents a new movement in United States politics as citizens are becoming more dissatisfied with casting an empty ballot for the lesser of two evils. While the current short term goal may be removing Bush from office, the larger movement will take time and effort by all those concerned to make the platform of Dennis Kucinich a reality and the world a better place by default.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Adam Corwin

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